Government Shutdown 2013

[NOTE: This post was written a few days before it went live, so things may have changed a bit by the time it actually posts. So don’t bite my head off if it’s inaccurate now!]

I’m stymied. Now I know any of you who know me find that very hard to believe, but I’m positively stymied over this government shutdown over Obamacare!

Quite frankly, if it was up to me, I’d get rid of all members of Congress and replace them with qualified people. But I’m sure you’re all thinking the same thing. Well, we do have recourse to an extent. We can replace at least 1/3 of them during this next election.

Let me put things into perspective the way I see it. Congress passed Obamacare … what? … 2 years ago? And parts of it have already gone into effect. Yet the House Republicans are now so staunchly against it, they’re willing to take the entire country hostage to repeal it.

Now, think about it for a moment. The insurance companies, before Obamacare, had us all by the rubber parts. If we changed jobs, we couldn’t be covered for a pre-existing condition. We were screwed. And there were many other issues we had to deal with that just weren’t fair for the rest of the American public.

Now, I’m just scratching the surface of the new laws; I’ll be the first to admit that. I haven’t read the law and am not a legal advisor on it. But for years we were complaining about health insurance, it’s inafordability, it’s inhumane way we were treated by the insurance companies, the levels of red tape we had to fight through to get coverage, and (yes…) the way those of us, paying for insurance, ended up paying for those who didn’t have insurance through our raised premiums.

Thus came the dawn of Obamacare – the Affordable Health Care Act – which attempted to level the playing field for those of us who pay for medical insurance. Over the years, the fight against “socialized medicine” raged on, to keep us from becoming another Canada or United Kingdom. I remember the arguments back in the 80s about how socialized medicine was akin to Satan, and people in those countries who had it were dying because they weren’t able to see the doctors quickly enough.

Yet everyone I’d ever met from other countries (e.g., Canada and the U.K.) loved their healthcare coverage. In Canada, there was/is an extra sales tax added which helped pay for it. This meant that everyone (even the unemployed) were paying for their health care coverage whenever they bought anything – anything!! No one was getting it for free.

So here came Obamacare. An attempt to fix that which was completely wrong in this country in regards to health care. And now the House Republicans condemn it – two years later – as if it was a Faust-like agreement with the devil! With any other type of legislature, where it would be amended to try to fix what was felt to be lacking, the House Republicans are trying to take us back to the days where the insurance companies can continue to penalize us for health reasons.

Here, let me remind you that these are the same people (all of Congress, not just the Republicans) who have their health care paid for by us with our taxes – and not just while they’re in office. It’s for the rest of their lives. These same people, who are continuing to get paid while the government is shut down, who have their health benefits taken care of separate from the rest of the American people, who serve one term in office and are taken care of for the rest of their lives, who never have to worry about retirement – all whether they’ve done a good job in office or not – are the ones in charge to dictate what we want and get.

It’s preposterous!

But then there’s the entire government shutdown, and the looming default! Congress is trying to kick the can down another three months – three months!! – to raise the debt ceiling. This is yet another ploy of Congress go get themselves elected for yet another term! In the mean time, the government is shut down and the rest of us are suffering because of it – but not Congress. They’re still receiving their hefty paychecks while yet stalling to let the next Congress deal with the issues.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of it. Enough is enough. This Congress needs to step up and do something without waiting for the next one to fix it (which will probably be the same people!).

What we, as the American people, need to do, is vote every, single one of them out and get people in there who have a brain. When the government is shut down, they need to lose their paychecks until it’s fixed. They need to vote themselves realistic paychecks like the rest of us, and to the care the rest of us Americans are doomed to! I guarantee that if they were forced to live with the medicare, social security, and health care the rest of us were forced to live with, they would fix it real fast!

Enough said….