It’s that time of the year again. The weather is turning colder in this region, which means things are beginning to change. For those who don’t know, the Philadelphia region of the United States has four distinct seasons throughout the year; though in all honesty, some years they’re less distinctive. And with the onslaught of cooler weather, we’re forced to wear layers of clothes to stay warm, to put away the flip-flops (some stalwarts I know try to hang on to them until it snows; and even then reluctantly put them away) and the shorts, to break out the sweaters, the jackets, and eventually the fur-lined parkas.

And so, I break out my assortment of Fall Whines:

I hate the cold!
I don’t like the winter!
I hate the snow!
I hate that it’s getting darker earlier!
What do you mean I have to get out of bed? The sun’s not even up yet!
Can we go back to Puerto Rico?

I was never really a lover of the cold months. Yes, the autumn leaves are beautiful, there’s a crispness to the air, and you can generally find pumpkin-anything in the markets (from coffees, to lattes, to muffins, pies, cakes, candles, room deodorizers…). People go crazy for Halloween, dressing up, decorating, going to costume parties, and scaring each other (meh… not a fan.). And then there’s all the other holidays that fall one right after another – Thanksgiving (which today has nothing to do with giving thanks, I might add), followed by Christmahanakwanzika, A Festivus for the rest of us, and the New Year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing people; I love getting together with family and friends for the holidays – but I also love getting together with family and friends outside of the holidays. I don’t need the holidays to get together with the people I love. But I sure can do without the cold!

And so I sit down again, with a full glass, and sip my whines…

But then there’s the added confusion of Daylight Savings Time vs Standard Time. It’s a double-edged cruelty, if you ask me. In the Spring we lose an hour of sleep; in the Fall we lose an hour of sunlight. Why can’t they just leave it alone and stop touching the clock? LEAVE IT ALONE!

And then I refill my glass, and sip more whine…

And oh, the cold and fierce winter months come next. It’s the dark months without any real or special holidays, which means we’re working all week long with only weekends; and for many, the next paid holiday isn’t until Memorial Day (at the end of May!). You work and then schlepp home, hoping that it doesn’t snow – or even worse, freezing rain! But when it does, you know you have to get out there and start shoveling, just waiting for the heart attack to take you away.

I would just like to put it out there that I would not have a problem with tropical weather year-round. Celebrating Christmas with decorated palm trees? Count me in! Ringing in the New Year with my feet in azure Caribbean waters? Oh, yeah! Thanksgiving by the pool? Simply heaven!

But until that day comes, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy my whines.

I just may have to get more glasses…