Dog Nightmare

Well, it’s finally come to that time: when we care enough for the doglettes that we are now having doglette nightmares. Okay, maybe not quite nightmares where we wake up screaming, but the type of very uncomfortable dream that has us waking upset – so much so that we need to make sure they’re okay.

For me, it’s just an expected small step. For Hubby, this is a HUGE step in life.

As you may well know, Hubby was never really into the idea of getting dogs as pets… especially doglettes. For all but the past year of his life, the only type of pet he would have was fish. If they even started to look sick, he could flush them, and buy more. You just can’t do that with a dog. It wreaks havoc with the plumbing.

But after a little over a year of having them, he (and I, admittedly), have really grown accustomed to having them around. We’ve pretty much become homebodies and love spending time with the girls. When we took that long weekend to Puerto Rico, the girls stayed with their Auntie Toodles who took very good care of them – but we couldn’t wait to get them back when we got home! Hubby would look at pictures of them that Auntie Toodles would text to us and say, “Ghost looks so sad! Look! They miss their daddies! They’re miserable!”

So when these types of dreams came, they were quite unexpected.

The other night, I had two separate dreams. In the first dream, Hoover lost her body and had only a head which was turned inside out (don’t ask… I know now just how stupid that sounds; but hey, in the midst of a dream everything seems realistic). When I turned it right side out, I could see her little face and looked into her eyes which were filled with pain and I was so upset and cried.

The second dream was of Ghost. She was lying on the floor, and when I called for her, she tried to get up but her rear legs weren’t working; and she struggled to get up. I ran over to pick her up and hold her in my arms to help when I’d realized her hind quarters were wet with blood. I held her like I was cradling a baby, and noticed an injury on her belly which continued to grow as I watched; and all I could do was yell out that we had to get her to the emergency room immediately!

When I woke up that morning, the girls came running into the bedroom, and I just sad there on the floor and let them jump all over me with excitement and enjoyed the lick-fest.

Anyone who’s had this type of dream is well aware how they can affect you even after you’ve woken up from the dream. I told Hubby about my two dreams, and he told me about one he had about a week prior to mine. In his dream, Hoover ate something that got stuck in her throat and she couldn’t breathe. In his dream, she turned white and died.

It’s interesting how our minds work. Are we subconsciously creating these extremely negative scenarios to emotionally bring us closer to the object of affection? (You know, like that insanely stupid “Christmas Shoes” song that was written for absolutely no other reason than to make people cry. Or, like playing all the sad songs we have in our collection when we’re sad to make us feel worse.) Is it a type of self-sabotage we perform when we are feeling close to our pet, hoping it will make us feel even closer?

Or could it possibly just be the brain entertaining itself, using anything from the prior day’s occurrence, turning it on it’s side, and blowing it up out of context for its own amusement?


Well, one thing is for certain: Regardless of the reason for those dreams, I’ve been giving the girls more hugs, and lots of cuddles. Hubby, however, is the one that gives them treats just for looking cute. But then again, he always did that…