It looks like this year is supposed to be a rather snowy one for us – at least on the East Coast Mid-Atlantic region. Already we’ve been dumped on quite unexpectedly. AccuWeather wasn’t all that AccuRate in their prediction: a coating up to an inch, which wasn’t supposed to start until about 1:00 in the afternoon. That morning, Hubby and I ran out to a quick breakfast, then some grocery shopping – he with a light jacket, and I with my Crocks. Till we came out of the BJ’s, I was schlepping through three inches of that “dusting” which didn’t stop until we had between 8 and 10 inches total.

Then, two days later, INAccuWeather reported another storm barreling through the area was to drop yet another four to six inches of show (and no; they didn’t apologize for their first screw up.) In hind-sight, I think they were trying to be overly cautious in their prediction this time, because after all the public schools closed (before there was even a flurry in the air) we ended up with about two or three inches. The sidewalks were clear, and the streets were clean (and every grocery store was probably out of milk, eggs, and toilet paper).

It’s Winter, folks. I guess I just have to face up to the fact that there are no more warm days coming until (God willing…) the Spring. And after the past couple of years with little snow and few really cold days in this neck of the woods, I guess we should just brace ourselves and hold on for a Winter blanketed with feet of snow and sub-freezing temperatures.

Images of the Winter of 1996 (or was it 1998?) come to mind when, at least according to my memory, it started snowing shortly after Thanksgiving and we didn’t see the ground again until May. We had so much snow that year, there was nowhere else to put it, and 4-lane roads were reduced to a single lane in each direction with a wall of old snow on either side. There were cars that were buried and didn’t see the light of day until the Great Thaw of May. And the streets that were “drivable,” between the daytime thaw of the sun, and the nighttime re-freeze, were like driving on washboards (how many of you know what a washboard is…?)! We had so much snow that year, it caused the Great Earthquake of Wyomissing (Okay… it was officially a 4.6 on the scale; but it was “Great” for an area that doesn’t normally get earthquakes…), and the month-long voluntary unpaid sabbatical for me from the job that I really hated. But looking back, perhaps it really wasn’t the snow that caused that…

But I digress.

This year I will remember the old proverb, “bloom where you’re planted” – Lord knows I’ve used it enough times myself. I know I’ve been doing a lot of complaining about the Winter and my dislike for snow and cold weather, but this year I will remember where I live – in an area where there are four distinct seasons, Winter being one of them – and I will attempt to find something beautiful in each of those seasons, without complaint.

Therefore, I will no longer post “I hate Winter!” or “I hate snow!” on Facebook; I will no longer complain (publicly) about the cold or having to shovel 6 inches of “cloudy” or my despair at nearly breaking my neck on the icy sidewalks. And if I can’t say something nice about the season and the weather, I’ll say nothing at all.

It’s going to be really quiet around here for the next three months…