Springing Forward

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Daylight Savings

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the whole clock-changing thing. Whether we lose an hour in the Spring or gain one in the Fall, I’m so slow on the uptake until my body eventually balances out again – and it usually takes me a solid 2 weeks (if not longer) until I’m starting to feel even remotely more normal.

And I have to ask the question: Is this year different than previous years, or am I just getting older?


Realities of Which We Cannot See

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Let’s face it. We’ve all come across those types of people who may seem a bit “off” or “flakey” to us. They’re the ones that talk about “surrounding people with pink bubbles of forgiveness” and “sending love and light.” Or, perhaps they talk about the auras they see around you. With breathy voices, they speak of ethereal and intangible things with flowery speech. And you watch with dismay thinking, “This person has got to be totally off her rocker…More

So What Did You Give Up for Lent?


Lenten Cross

[From the archives – I thought this one was worth reposting.]

“So what did you give up for Lent?” It’s a frequent question you hear these days – and not just amongst Catholics. Protestants are also known to give things up for Lent. But another more common practice within the past decade is taking up something, rather than giving up something.

Though this is a noble idea to take on something for Lent – like more prayer, or giving more time to the church, or visiting someone more often, or exercising more, or donating more to a worthy cause – I believe its more an invention of today’s Church to mimic religion at a time when religion and spirituality wanes from people’s lives. Hardly a bad thing. Typically, though, it strays from the true issue – the lack of spirituality in the Church which is taught to its members. The Church, in general, has spent (and continues to do so) too much time since Vatican II watering down religion and putting God in a box. Rather than raising man to God, the Church attempts to bring God down to man, and explain Him away like a myth or a science project.