Daylight Savings

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the whole clock-changing thing. Whether we lose an hour in the Spring or gain one in the Fall, I’m so slow on the uptake until my body eventually balances out again – and it usually takes me a solid 2 weeks (if not longer) until I’m starting to feel even remotely more normal.

And I have to ask the question: Is this year different than previous years, or am I just getting older?

[That’s a rhetorical question for any of you smart-asses thinking of answering!]

It was bad enough tinkering with the clocks to “gain extra sunlight” for the summer months when they first started it. At least they were exactly 6 months apart. But when Bush proposed extending it, it’s become even more unbearable.

I was doing a little reading on some of the history regarding Daylight Savings Time, and found it quite interesting that though proposed as early as 1895 in New Zealand then later in the UK, it was never adopted until as late as 1916 when Germany and their WWI allies used it to conserve coal during wartime. Consequently, after the war, many of the countries which adopted it abandoned it, bringing it back for periods of time here and there, then again during WWII. It was the 1970s energy crisis when it became widely adopted in North America and Europe. That crisis has long since been abated, yet for whatever reason, we still have Daylight Savings Time!

They have mounds of data over the decades to prove that there are no true benefits of changing the clocks back and forth. If anything, there are more accidents immediately after the changes because people are still adjusting. And point in fact, most of the world’s countries have either never observed the clock-changing, or have abandoned it altogether (some countries are in perpetual DST, or summer time, having refused to turn the clocks back). It’s primarily the US, Canada, and Europe that still do it (and each one doing it differently, I might add). For a concept to standardize time all around the world, it sure has entirely screwed it up. Depending on the date, we might be 1 hour apart from another location, or 2 hours, or even 3 hours – all for the same location (and whether they’re observing standard time or daylight time or nothing). There are even states in this country that don’t observe daylight savings time!

Yes, I know I’m rambling; but bear with me.

I’m all for stopping the madness. We’ve sprung forward this year already (the Sunday before last); let’s just leave it be. I enjoy waking up to sunlight. And if you have troubles sleeping (chronic insomnia), I’ve seen it recommended to go camping – far away from artificial light, cell phones, televisions, candles, etc. You are awake when the sun is up, and when the sun goes down you go to sleep. In two weeks, you’ll be synced back up with the sun and sleeping like a baby.

Or so they say…

At any rate, we no longer live the lives we did when changing the clocks was a necessity. Can we just leave the friggin’ clocks alone now?