Communication Woes


Fountain Pen

You’d think in this day and age that we wouldn’t have problems communicating with one another. Yet between email, telephones, video phones, text messages, blogs, vlogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, we seem to communicate less and less with each other. Or, if not less, at least less efficiently. More


The Noncommittal Generation



We are seeing the up and coming generation of disbelief – the increase of people who stand for nothing, who have faith in nothing, who swear by nothing, who believe in nothing, and would die for nothing. To these people, chivalry is dead, God is dead, and the only things that matter are what they can put their hands on (and even then, only what’s directly in front of them). These are the people who never feel too strongly about anything, because at some point in their life they might have to defend their stand. More

The Disconcerting Doglette Dilemma

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It’s funny how these little ones can really work their way into your heart so quickly without you realizing just how deeply they’ve affected you… until something happens. More

Justifiable Judgmentalism

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It’s so easy to judge others, isn’t it? So much so, that it often happens before we even realize it. Someone cuts us off on the road, and we immediately recognize them as an “ass hole” or a “friggin moron!” It’s an unmistakable classification of humanoids, of course, distinguishable by their lack of charity or awareness of any other species in their vicinity. And because we’ve defined them as such by their behaviour, we are justified in our judgment. It’s a “righteous judgment” of sorts, just like anyone who drives faster than us is an idiot, and anyone who drives slower than us is a moron.