It’s funny how these little ones can really work their way into your heart so quickly without you realizing just how deeply they’ve affected you… until something happens.

Hubby likes to act tough about it. He leads people to believe that he’s merely accepted the presence of the doglettes into our home, and that he’ll deal with them for the next 15 or so years (What?! You mean to tell me we have to put up with this for the next 15 years?! There is no way we are getting any more dogs after these two!) but that’s about it. But truth be told, guess who they shadow constantly? And guess who always gives them their treats (even for no other reason than because they look… so… cute…!)? And when we’re all cuddled on the sofa together, guess who they prefer being on the bottom of the dog-pile?

If you answered “Hubby” to any and all of those questions, you’d be quite right. And I’m okay with that! He’s the push-over and I’m the disciplinarian – I think most sets of parents are like that anyway (“Mom said no… I’m gonna go ask Dad!”).

Oh! And before anyone reads into this post that we’re treating our doglettes like people, we’re not. They’re dogs (well… dogLETTES, to be precise). But just because they’re pets and not humans, doesn’t mean they don’t have personalities, or that we can’t love them for who/what they are… ADORABLE as they are!

Having said that, this past Sunday was a scary time – not only for Hoover, but for us as well. Sunday afternoon Hoover experienced a seizure. It just came out of the blue while we were all curled up on the sofa, relaxing before heading to Sunday night Vespers and Compline. Hubby said she just started shaking, like she was scared or something, then she tried to stand up and fell off of the sofa. The poor thing looked so confused and kept falling over as if her back legs weren’t working right, and twice she tried to jump back up to the sofa and missed. Hubby thought maybe she was just roused out of a very deep sleep and couldn’t get her bearings, but I was worried it was something else.

So I quickly jumped onto the floor, picked her up and held her tightly; and that’s when I realized that she wasn’t shaking, she was convulsing. I continued to hold her tightly and spoke soothing words until it passed. At one point, when I thought it was slowing down, I tried to put her on the floor, but she fell down, rolled on her back, and fore and hind legs were splayed out and rigid. I picked her up again and held her deciding that we needed to get her to the emergency room.

Both of us were clearly scared, not knowing what was happening, or why it was happening. After all, Hoover will suck anything in, like a vacuum cleaning, and it was very likely that she got something that was bad (even though we keep a close eye on her). So we packed up Ghost (aka “Bob” because she is always barking at anything and everything – you know… Bob Barker?) and their kennel into the car, and walked Hoover out (still holding her tight) and dashed off to the emergency vet where they were waiting for us.

Long story short (I know… I know… too late for that!) they took blood, checked her vitals, and everything was fine (i.e., no poisons or toxins that she consumed). Just the news that she might be becoming epileptic. Since it was her first episode, there’s no way to tell for sure, and thankfully there were no meds dispensed; just a recommendation to keep an eye on her in case it happens again – then we would decide the next steps.

I know it sounds silly, but for the entire next day I stayed home and kept a close eye on her, growing ever nervous as the 24-hour mark crept closer. I mean really! Why would I think that she would experience another seizure at the same time the next day? But as 2:30 came and went, I started breathing a bit easier.

It’s hard watching something like that happen – especially when you can do nothing, and they can’t communicate with you to tell you what’s wrong. They’re just as confused as you are – even more so. And the look in Hoover’s eyes said it all. Thankfully, she’s back to her normal self. And hopefully, this will be the only seizure she experiences. Daddies just can’t take that kinda stress…!