Blogging. It can be a royal pain in the ass. At other times, it can be exhilarating, fulfilling, enlightening, emptying, and even abasing. But it’s always a pain in the ass.

And I’ve seen so many people start writing blogs, completely into it, even writing and publishing posts daily – only to fizzle out and stop after a couple of months. There was one blogger I found (and I’m sure there are others like him) who had about 4 different blogs over a period of a few years, each one meeting the same demise – a couple of posts, then a few more… then nothing.

So why do I continue to write this crap after four whole years?

I asked myself this very question the other day and tried to figure it out the best I could. I mean, why am I really taking the time to write something nearly every week (on occasion, failing miserably)? Is it to learn Patience? Is it to exercise Creativity? Is it to share some sort of Expression? Or is it just plain Stupidity?

Probably a little from each column…

As I see it, writing is used for many different things: As simple communication, as a form of expression, as art, as documentation, as a form of instruction, or even as a memoir. As for this blog, it probably best falls into the area of “expression.”

It’s quite apparent that I’m not doing it for the swarms of readers. After all this time, the secret of this blog has been very well kept! Nor am I writing it because people are sitting on the edges of their seats just waiting to see what words of great wisdom pour forth. Because, let’s face it – that ain’t happening.

After writing this blog for 4 years now, I think it’s been somewhat cleansing – and at times, somewhat surprising – even for me! It’s never been about the number of readers. I read it and that’s about all that matters; and if someone else reads it and finds something useful or reflective in it, that’s great. It’s been about writing what’s on my mind, simply and without the fear of what someone will think. There’s an element of freedom in speaking one’s mind (or “writing” one’s mind in this case). And in doing so, any readers other than myself are somewhat voyeurs – peeking into my thoughts.

So I guess my answer is just like the climber, when asked why he climbs the mountain: Because it’s there.

Why am I writing this blog? Because I can.