We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists



I don’t know about you, but I have a problem listening to this situation. Personally, I can understand the strategies behind it – thinking that if you don’t negotiate, they’ll just give in and release the hostage(s) out of pure frustration. And it’s all well said and done when you’re not the one being held hostage, or if it’s not someone you know and love being held. So – outside of the politically-challenged people who simply mimic what they hear because it sounds like popular thought (before actually thinking about what they’re spouting) – I don’t understand the upheaval about the prisoner trade (5 terrorists for 1 Bowe Bergdahl) and I don’t understand the people who are totally against the trade, spouting “we don’t negotiate with terrorists!” and claiming the President never should have made the deal. More


Working Out

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Working Out

Well, the time has come for me to try as hard as I can to lose some of this weight. It happened to me once before, but not anywhere near this scale!

All my life I’d always been on the “skinny” side of the scale. My brothers used to tell me that if I turned sideways and stuck my tongue out, I’d look like a zipper (Oh hardee har har…). More