Working Out

Well, the time has come for me to try as hard as I can to lose some of this weight. It happened to me once before, but not anywhere near this scale!

All my life I’d always been on the “skinny” side of the scale. My brothers used to tell me that if I turned sideways and stuck my tongue out, I’d look like a zipper (Oh hardee har har…).

I could eat anything I wanted, and never get fat. As a child, I would gain my usual winter weight through April, and get a little pudgy around the middle, but as soon as the warmer months came around, we were outside running around like crazy, and I was shedding those few extra pounds without even thinking about it! By the time Summer rolled around, I was back to my svelt self, stuffed into a speedo, swimming all summer long (I was on the swim team and competing from age 6 to 16, which I’m sure helped tremendously!). I was the typical skinny kid of the day.

Flash forward to the 1990s. As I was running up the stairs at work, I noticed things jiggling on me that were never meant to jiggle. So I immediately went out and bought a set of free weights and a bench and got to work. Within 3 months, I was noticing a difference in the mirror, and within 6 months, everyone else was noticing as well. And strangely enough, I was enjoying it – what started out as 20 minute workouts with the weights 3 times a week (20-minute workout preceded by a 30-minute whine that I had to work out), ended up as a little over an hour for 5 days per week (weekends off). I actually had those 6-pack abs, and was wearing jeans in a size I never knew existed! And on top of that, I was eating just about anything I wanted and was still burning it off like crazy.

Today it’s a different story. I’d filled out a little more when Hubby and I met, but then – thanks to the glories of a stress-filled job at the time (I was completely abused and taken advantage of in that position), and modern medicine – my entire body filled into a new shape: Round!

Health issues be damned (I simply can’t let CIDP dictate my life anymore), I decided to start going the extra mile and get rid of these extra pounds. The best idea to start (because it’s been so long since I’ve done this kind of stuff), was to go back to working out; and with having a gym available to me (for free) with all sorts of weights, a universal gym, an elliptical, stationary bike, and treadmills, I figured I would be the fool not to take advantage of it.

And so I’ve started first by using the treadmill to get up-to-speed, drop some of the weight, and maybe eventually get back to lifting weights again. The problem is, I’d never used a treadmill before and had these horrific (yet hysterically funny) images of me running, bouncing, tripping on the thing, falling down, and being flung back against the wall with a loud *thwack*!

So I decided to start even more slowly… by doing nothing but walking on the treadmill instead of jogging; because let’s face it – nobody want to see this body bouncing and jiggling on a treadmill. But whoda thunk a brisk walk for 30-45 minutes at 3 miles per hour would cause someone to sweat so much?

I also walked into some other problems I never expected. The first night I stepped off the treadmill, having never used one before, I was literally bumping into things while trying to walk normally.

And then the second night of walking produced a totally different feeling. The brain was experiencing walking in place (without passing anything) for 45-50 minutes and was nicely conditioned. Till the treadmill stopped, and I stepped off, I gained my balance standing still on the floor for a minute; and as I took a few steps forward to get a bottle of water, it felt like everything was whipping past me at full speed, even though I was taking slow steps. You know those moving “sidewalks” at the airports? You know. As your taking slow, leisurely steps, you’re whipping past people who are walking normally on the floor next to the moving sidewalk. That’s what it was like!

But I know it’ll all work out in the end. I just need to keep with it, start slow, and gradually increase to work my way up to the higher levels. Whether I lose the weight or not, at least I’m getting more exercise – which is the most important thing – and increasing my endurance.

And getting my fat ass moving, I might add…