I don’t know about you, but I have a problem listening to this situation. Personally, I can understand the strategies behind it – thinking that if you don’t negotiate, they’ll just give in and release the hostage(s) out of pure frustration. And it’s all well said and done when you’re not the one being held hostage, or if it’s not someone you know and love being held. So – outside of the politically-challenged people who simply mimic what they hear because it sounds like popular thought (before actually thinking about what they’re spouting) – I don’t understand the upheaval about the prisoner trade (5 terrorists for 1 Bowe Bergdahl) and I don’t understand the people who are totally against the trade, spouting “we don’t negotiate with terrorists!” and claiming the President never should have made the deal.

When I heard those sorry complaints, my face hit the floor.

Are you kidding me? These people would rather leave someone a hostage than try to get them back by negotiations?

Have these people forgotten about the Iranian hostages? We got them back through negotiations.

Even Ronald Reagan (the hallowed name of all Republicans) negotiated the sale of weapons for the Lebanon hostages in the mid-1980s to the early 1990s.

Even George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson negotiated for hostages!

Yet for some reason, so many people are up in arms about the release of Bergdahl, saying that it never should have happened, they never should have negotiated, never should have made that deal, and never should have released those 5 terrorists. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine being in his place – or his family’s place – and having to listen to that. They’re basically saying that Bergdahl’s life means nothing, and he deserves to sit all those years as a hostage.

I also can’t help but wonder if they’d feel the same way if it was their butts sitting in prison as a hostage. Or would a single one of them be willing to take his place?

The marine’s motto is “leave no man behind.” Yet why would this be different?

I’ve been hearing that some claim he deserted the unit and that was why he was captured. But why should that make a difference? Fine! If he really did desert his post, then get him out of there and do what you need to do to settle the desertion claim in a military court of law. At least you’ll be doing it on US soil and in person.

Not that it matters, but I (for one), am glad the negotiations happened to bring one of our own out of harms’ way and back to his family and friends who love him. I will be watching this story as it unfolds, hoping for the best on all sides.

I’m also going to secretly (or not so secretly) hope and pray that if and when another hostage is ever taken abroad, it’s one of those shits that cried out “We don’t negotiate with terrorists!” Because then we’ll know we can let them sit there.