Team USA

As everyone knows by now (unless you’ve been living under a rock), we’re in the midst of the World Cup games in Brazil. People are going crazy with soccer (“football,” or “futbol”) fever in the US, which is a new thing to this country. Even Hubby and I have caught the fever – which is incredibly surprising, because neither one of us has ever, in any time of our lives, been the sports type of gay.

God, I hope the Gay Mafia isn’t reading this… They’ll take away my membership card for sure!

But how can you not enjoy a sport with a bunch of hot, young, men running around on a grassy field with hot, sweaty, bodies and ripped abs, trying to kick a ball into a net?

Friends of ours introduced us to the game from a spectator point of view last year with their talk about the Philadelphia Union and the games they would attend. So we had to check it out, and voila! Instant like!

And for what it’s worth, it’s a very easy game to watch and (for the most part) to understand – unlike American Football, which has downs, and the clock keeps changing, and tackling, and a whole lot of standing around and milling about without real play time… And it’s not like baseball which goes into extra innings when the score is tied until someone wins. It’s not like American football which goes into extra times or whatever they call it because of blah blah blah… God only knows what they’re doing to get that extra time or downs or whatever it is. It has a definite time limit of 90 minutes (with a possible couple of minutes at the end of each half to make up for lost time here and there, but no more than, like, 5 minutes). Then whether someone wins or loses or ties, the game is over! But the entire time, they’re running their little hot bodies, trying to score that goal!

Hubby has also (surprisingly) been very into Soccer (or “Futbol”). I think it’s even surprised him! As we’ve been watching and monitoring the World Cup games, I’ll make comments like this team won over this team, or this player made a goal, or OMG have you seen that hot player?? And he’s genuinely interested!

Hubby even wanted to make sure he had the correct app on his phone so he could watch the games as he was able (like every other fanatic!).

Of course we’ve been rooting for team USA (“We believe that we will win!”). We watched the USA v Ghana game glued to the TV together and WHOOP’d at the winning goal. We scheduled it out to watch the USA v Portugal game, and were also glued to the iPhones, iPads, and computers watching the USA v Germany game over lunch. Then we were heartbroken, glued first to the TV, then to the iPhone (in the car) for USA’s final game when they eventually lost to Belgium.

So even though the road may be over for Team USA, but with all the hype for soccer now, this just might be the start the MLS needed all these years to bring truly to the forefront of American culture (much like it is in the rest of the world).

Huh… I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks!

I don’t know about you, but Hubby and I will continue watching those young, hot men running around on the field for 90 minutes, long after the World Cup is over!