Sponge worthy

Remember the old Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s favorite contraceptive sponge was being discontinued? She panicked and bought up every single one she could find in New York City to last her as long as possible. Then, every guy she would meet or go on a date with, she would have to decide whether they were “sponge-worthy” or not.

I’ve been feeling quite the same way in writing this blog – I now find myself looking at every experience in my life, studying it closely, and asking myself, “What the hell is this shit??” “Is this blogworthy?” More


How to Make the Best of a Situation


Hot Guy

[This is a recycled post. Not a re-post. There’s a difference. They’re spelled differently. But this one was so old, I doubt anyone even remembers it in the first place. So it’s almost like its new, isn’t it? Oh! And the picture above has absolutely nothing to do with the post. But it sure is nice to look at, isn’t it?]

I recently visited with some friends out of town. Whenever we get together, we always have a great time, even if it’s just sitting around and catching up. Normally, we don’t have much in the line of excitement happening when we visit. Our excitement is gossiping about what’s been happening in each of our lives, how it’s affecting the rest of us, and finding good places to eat. But this weekend held a more interesting topic: Bats. More




Who even watches live programming anymore (outside of morning news, that is)? And doesn’t it really say something when even the networks start producing original shows in their entirety only to release the complete series at one time? More

Checking In

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Just thought I’d check in.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted – and after regular weekly postings, I figured I’d better post something short and sweet. More