Who even watches live programming anymore (outside of morning news, that is)? And doesn’t it really say something when even the networks start producing original shows in their entirety only to release the complete series at one time?

Hubby and I have been doing so much binge-watching because there’s been too many good things to watch on so many different channels/networks, that we just can’t keep up with them in real time: True Blood (HBO), Game of Thrones (HBO), Sherlock (PBS), Downton Abbey (PBS), Merlin (BBC), The Assets (ABC), American Horror Story (FX); and these are just a few of the shows we’ve been trying to watch! Try recording them on a DVR and you’ll still drive yourself crazy. Who has that much space on the DVR to record everything? Ours is filled primarily with Big Bank Theory reruns (because we love it so much!) there’s no room left for anything else!

(Not to mention, we still have to get to House of Cards and Orange is the New Black on Netflix! And if I remember correctly, I believe there’s 6 years of Breaking Bad that aren’t going to watch themselves…)

At first, we used to watch the shows when they came on (or shortly thereafter, having recorded it on the DVR or through OnDemand). But the problem was having to wait for the next episode! Till the following week would roll around, I’d forgotten half of the suspense the last episode created and would have to rely on the opening scenes of the next episode as the narrator intones: “Recently…”

But the latest craze in watching all our favorite shows is binge-watching – it’s where one sits and watches episode after episode after episode of a show for hours on-end and day after day, sometimes watching season after season. It’s actually a genius way of staying immersed in the story and quickly getting to know the characters more in-depth. But this opens everything up to a whole new set of problems – namely, being up-to-date!

Now, we refuse to watch a show when it’s on, because we’re right back where we started with having to wait for the next episode. Instead, we’ve been letting the unwatched episodes pile up, then binge-watch them later once the season has ended (Thank you Hulu Plus and OnDemand!!).

Now, if only we could apply this “Binge-” stuff to other parts of our lives. Anyone for Binge-Working? That’s where you work for 24-hours straight, then take off for 2 weeks waiting for work to pile up. Or how about Binge-Religion where you cram all your church into a few hours on one day, and then don’t bother with it the whole rest of the week.

Oh… wait…