Enchantment In Our Near Future

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Old San Juan

This is going to be another one of those really really short posts, because my mind is otherwise pre-occupied. (I know, I know! How’s this different from any other time?!?) Well, this time Hubby and I are getting ready to leave for the Isle of Enchantment for a long weekend of nothing but relaxation. More


Forgiveness Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

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We’re taught (as Christians) that we are to always forgive as Christ forgave. In society, we’re urged to “forgive and forget” (though in reality we want to make sure that, when we’ve forgiven, the person we’ve forgiven doesn’t forget!) We’ve learned to “turn the other cheek,” and even at times to try to understand those who’ve wronged us. More

Experiencing Life



You know the scene. You go to a concert and all you can see from your point of view is a sea of smartphones pointed at the stage. Or maybe you’ve gone to the botanical gardens and instead of flowers, you see smartphones focusing on the flowers.

It seems to me that we’ve become so focused on “capturing” the moments, we’ve forgotten how to “experience” them, first. More