Sleeping Chihuahuas

Many years ago, when Hubby and I first met, neither one of us had pets. Oh, I’ve had dogs in my childhood. They were always strays. The one we had the longest (and she was the one of the best dogs ever) was Missy. She was still relatively young when she found us – maybe 2 years old – and we had her until she died about 14 years later. But she was the most gentle and loving dog you’d ever meet, part Labrador and part Collie, and you’d only have to fear being licked to death from her.

I still remember the way she found us. My older brothers were in Boy Scouts and attending a model car race when they noticed this stray dog in the area watching them. She eventually followed them back to my grandmother’s house where my mother and I were waiting for them.

Bloke Brothers: Mummie! Come outside and look what we found! It’s a dog! Can we keep it?!?! Can we?!?!
Bloke Mum: No! Your father is allergic to dogs! There is absolutely no possible way we can… Oh my goodness! Look at that face!!

So, we took “Missy” home that night and Mum went on the local evening radio talk show to let the whole city know that we found a dog in case anyone lost her in the area. Of course I strangely remember them asking her the question of the evening – the question they asked every caller: Do you sleep on your left side or your right side? (Why the hell do I remember that?) After 2 weeks of nothing, she was ours!

So, I had experience with having a dog. Later, after I moved out of my home on my own, I ended up getting a cat. (I actually wanted a ferret for a pet, but since the local animal shelter didn’t have any, I settled for a cat…) He was the best, too. He had an orange coat with matching orange eyes – he looked just like Morris the Cat (from the commercials) – and for whatever the reason, he came with the name Cringer (I’m guessing it was from the cartoon He-Man which was big at the time).

Anywho, suffice it to say I had years under my belt with pets (including goldfish when I was younger: Angel 1, Angel 2, Angel 3…) so I was no stranger to the idea till Hubby and I met.

Hubby, however, was not interested in any way, shape, or form. He had no use for dogs (or cats), and the only pet he’d had growing up (and as an adult) was fish – because if they got sick or died, you could just flush ’em!

(As a side note, I’ve been making sure I keep myself very healthy…. Just sayin!)

So I grew used to the fact that we would only have fish and fish tanks in the house together and I was okay with that. Hubby would come home from work and talk about some people he met with pictures of their dogs on their sweatshirts or their tee-shirts and how proud they were of their dogs or cats. Hubby would scoff and make fun of these people that thought of their dogs or cats as people. Pee-shawwww!

Then the doglettes happened. And over the past 2 years that we’ve had them, Hubby has turned and twisted and regenerated into something I’d never have imagined! And it really came to fruition a few weeks ago when we went away for a long weekend and left the doglettes with a doglette sitter (who absolutely adores the munchkins!).

Before this time, we kept a strict household. No doglettes on the bed. They did not sleep with us, they slept in their kennels. They stayed in their kennels when we weren’t there. They got up and out at 5:00a or 5:30a with Hubby to do business and eat breakfast and play with Hubby Daddy and not disturb Curious Bloke Daddy until 6:00a. We had a regimented timeframe set up that they were used to.

Then the vacation happened.

Oh, this wasn’t just our vacation for the long weekend – it was theirs!

Curious Bloke Text: So how are the girls doing?
Sitter Text: They slept w me last night. I hope that's ok. I woke up n the middle of the night & they were cuddled up w me. πŸ™‚
Curious Bloke Text: That's fine! I hope there were no messes to clean up!
Sitter Text: None. πŸ™‚

Then on the next day:

Curious Bloke Text: How were the girls today??
Sitter Text: Excellent! Ghost hasn't been eating so I've been hand feeding her. Sorry. I baby the lil 1's.

Ah, the life! So as you can guess, we gave it more thought and decided to try to let the doglettes sleep with us at night rather than being in their kennels and it’s been going rather well, I must say; though I refuse to hand-feed Ghost (Hubby, however, is a different story).

And just last night, Hubby was discussing having tee-shirts printed with a picture of us and a picture of the doglettes with the words “PROUD DADDIES.” Then we can get matching mugs and keychains made to give out to our friends and family!

He has just become one of the people he made fun of just 5 years ago….

I think I’ve created a monster…