A Letter to Ferguson



Dear Ferguson, Missouri:

I probably shouldn’t be writing something like this, and you don’t even know me, but … well … here it is.

How this issue has exploded beyond all measure is beyond my feeble understanding. Can someone please explain to me how setting fire to your neighbors’ cars and stores, looting from your fellow community members, etc., is the suitable and sane reaction to a Grand Jury decision with which you don’t agree? More


Wait Until Thanksgiving!


Christmas Music

For the past month, I’ve continued to be bombarded with this wild fancy to start playing my Christmas music and playlists; and quite frankly, it scares me. I’d never really gave it much thought in past years; and the urge rarely came up until the start of the Advent Season. As a child, Mom would always take a couple days off to do her Christmas preparations – full-scale cleaning, decorating, cookie mixing and baking (at least 12 different kinds every year!) – all of which was done with a stack of Christmas LPs on the record player blaring through the house. More


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To me, the entire month of November has always been a solemn month – and a month of remembrance. Religiously speaking, we start the month off with the Feast of All Saints, immediately followed by All Souls. In Mexico, All Souls Day is referred to as Day of the Dead and celebrated in remembrance of all their ancestors who have died over the past years with food and music.

The Problem Is When We Tune Out



We are bombarded from so many different angles, and on so many different levels in our lives, that we quickly lose the capacity to process minute detail. When that happens, whether on purpose or by accident, we begin to tune out. We become desensitized by our experiences, and that’s when it becomes a problem. We no longer recoil in horror at seeing a murder in a movie, because we’ve seen it so many times. There was a time when I would never see an “R” rated movie because of the blood and violence. Yet today, they seem run-of-the-mill. We even look forward to watching our favorite horror movies around Halloween. More