Happy 2015

Well, I have to admit, I never realized I would be away from blogging for so long. But lookie there! It’s the end of January 2015 already, and all the spectacular holidays have been survived, and the bleakness that’s called winter is here.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the holidays for what they are. Hallowe’en (though not my favorite as an adult) was fun dressing in a costume and getting candy when I was little; Thanksgiving was always a time of getting together with family as the nights get longer (and colder), and eating all the favorite foods my mother made, each bite being a taste of generations of family traditions. Christmas was always so beautiful with its religious meaning a major part of my life (even as a child), the peacefulness of the night, and the gatherings with friends and family. Then there was New Year’s – the big parties my parents threw for friends when we were little, then later the nights of just us sitting around on the floor, playing games, and waiting for midnight to toast in the next year.

What I just can’t stand is all the hype the media builds leading up to the holidays, and the hyperbole the retailers throw at us in hopes to get us to spend more money. After three, full, constant months of it, we begin to lose sight of the holidays and even dread their arrivals (though in reality it’s the build up we dread and not the holidays themselves).

As you can guess, this year wasn’t much different. Though we did decorate the house for Christmas (in previous years we were less wont to do so), we tried our best not to get sucked into the super-hype. (Come to think of it, we still have our decorations up…).

We even decided to host Thanksgiving this year and have the whole family to the house for it. We were expecting up to 16 people (a large crowd for our modest hovel), and secured a large turkey from the local farmer. The day before Thanksgiving, we picked up a 27.5 lb Godzilla from the farmer’s market and schlepped it home in the snow. After clearing out half of the refrigerator to make room for it, we were set to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family on the Saturday after (when everyone could make it).

We cooked for exactly 6 people.

Oh well. At least everything was timed perfectly; and we still have frozen turkey we can thaw at any time we’re in the mood for Thanksgiving turkey.

So now that all the holidays are over for a while, we can get back into the swing of life. And now that we’re through January already…

Welcome 2015! I sure hope you have some better stuff coming than 2014 did… And can you please hurry up with the warmer weather??