I’m finding this blog writing has, of late, become lost in my daily life. Not that it hasn’t been important, but rather that life has been so hectically busy. That said, though I haven’t been publishing on a regular, weekly basis, it is what it is and I will continue to post as I’m able to find time (without brow-beating myself!)

But that also brings me to the subject of this post.

As some may recall, there was a time when Hubby and I regularly attended (and were very much involved in) a church in Philadelphia – it was a very high church Anglo-Catholic parish. But with the shameful behaviour of the Rector (some of which was unbecoming of a priest) we were not only forced out, but fled like refugees in the middle of the night. It was more a matter of preserving our own spiritual welfare as well as our own sanity.

(Really… when your faith-based center riddles you with angst, and you’re angry and sickened every time you leave there, what’s wrong with that picture?)

Thankfully, all bad (and even corrupt) leadership ultimately comes to an end, and this one is no different. Though the old rector still sticks around trying to cause waves, he no longer holds sway with members like he did before. I think he’s hoping (or maybe it’s just a pipe-dream of his) that by sticking around he’s still “in charge.”

Long story short (I know… too late! Right?), when we heard of the shift in leadership and the lessening “power” of his minions, Hubby and I started to make the occasional appearance – just testing the waters to see how it felt. Surprisingly, we found that the fog of dread which hung over the parish was gone.

Though the parish isn’t back to the way it was when we were happily entrenched, it’s a start. We’ve continued to poke our heads in from time to time to catch up with old friends and to make our presence known. There is a shift in the right direction (thankfully, the spiritual hemorrhaging has been stopped, and there haven’t been anymore “innovative” changes to modernise since the new rector took office) .

So now Hubby and I have been without a parish – a community of like-minded and spiritually-inclined individuals – for a number of years, and it does take it’s toll. True, we have the ability to celebrate the Mass at home (and have), but it’s not the same as being part of a thriving community. So now we attempt to find that lost solace we once had, and continue our prayers that the parish we once called our own continues to rise from the ashes to which the last rector burned it. It will be nice to be part of a community again.