Beverly Hills Chihuahua
They go to Doggy Daycare every Monday. Plain and simple. It’s officially “Doggy Daycare” but we call it “School.” And they enjoy it, they really do. We’ve been told that when they arrive, they rule the roost and are totally in charge. Even the big dogs fear them (and the little dogs want to BE them).

So when they hesitate and cower and whine every Monday morning when we get them ready for school, we’re at a total loss. We’ve even had to plan ahead and shut their kennel doors first thing in the morning so they can’t hide there for safety. For a number of weeks, as soon as we’d be ready to leave (which they instinctively knew), they’d head for their kennels and plant themselves firmly in the back and not come out – not even for bribes or treats or anything. Eventually, I had to turn the kennel up on end till they slid out, get their leashes on, and out the door to school!

Lately, however, they’ve taken their Monday Morning Vexations to a completely different level. Call me crazy, but I know it’s true.

They plot and plan quietly in the back of the car while I’m taking Hubby to the train station before I drop them off at school. Just like the reality of the Bogyman, I know my little doglettes are plotting against me, to get out of going to school.

During the entire ride to the station, they are quite vocal, barking at all the other cars… all the people on the street… at the air… making sure everyone knows they are coming through. However, as soon as Hubby gets out of the car and they bark their “bye-bye” to him, I don’t hear another peep out of them. I almost heard them planning that if they stayed nice and quiet, and don’t move, I’ll completely forget they’re back there and go home instead of taking them to school.

Two times it almost worked!

The first time I almost pulled up to the garage when I realized I hadn’t dropped them off. The second time, I’d totally pulled the car into the garage and started to close the door when I realized they were still in the car!

And I swear I heard them groan, “Awwwwww!!!”

Yet as much as they hate getting up early and going to school – just like kids – we hear through the grapevine that they really have loads of fun while they’re there. They make friends with other dogs (the real reason we even take them; for doggie socialization), and with other people. But I guess – just like kids – they’ll always hate school (at least within earshot of us…).