Fuji Apples
[Note: The front row is a splash zone. In reading this, you just might get splashed with all the gushing I’m going to do. You have been warned.]

It never fails to amaze and surprise me when it happens. I go to my acupuncturist to work on an issue, and when it actually goes away like it’s supposed to, I sit dumbfounded at the reality of it. And after 9 years of experience with acupuncture, you’d think I’d be used to it by now!

This time, however, I experienced something extremely new. A wonder of the pallet that I haven’t experienced since I was a wee child. Anyone who’s ever had a food allergy can attest – the mere thought of ingesting something you’re allergic to is horrific; and when you do eat some of it, even if accidentally, it’s downright panic-inducing!

It all started with apples. When I was a child, I would notice that my gums would start to itch a little whenever I’d eat an apple. Mom just thought I was lazy and didn’t want to chew (In all honesty, this is not entirely untrue. She reminded me that as a child, I refused to chew meat; instead, I would suck the color right out of it.)

That itch, over the years, would spread to my lips, then to the rest of my mouth, and eventually toward the back of my throat. It was at that point (many years ago) that I completely gave up on eating apples anymore, especially since the last my throat started closing up and I had difficulty breathing. Through that, I’d also identified many other fruits to which I was allergic over the years, all summed up nicely as the thin-skinned-fruits-that-grow-on-trees variety. It was just, plain, weird. It made absolutely no sense to me (or anyone else, for that matter).

(About 5 years ago, I was finally tested by an allergist. She concluded that I was seriously allergic to a great many different types of trees (pollen), and explained that people who are allergic to all those trees, are also allergic to those fruits, because the pollen is in the fruit.)

So, a few years ago, when my acupuncturist got rid of all my seasonal allergies, it also got rid of all my tree pollen allergies. What a wonder it was to stand out in the middle of a spring day, green pollen floating through the air, collecting on everyone’s cars, and I could breathe easily with nary a sniffle! Without realizing it, it also affected my allergies to apples. Specifically, I could get away with eating Granny Smith apples (the only ones) without allergic reactions. And it happened completely by accident. I grabbed a sandwich I thought was cucumber; turned out it was sliced apples.

I was ecstatic! I could finally eat at least ONE type of apple without going into anaphylactic shock; but sadly I was still allergic to all the other fruits as I was before. That is … until now!

This time I asked my acupuncturist to focus completely on the food allergies to fruits, and she did. Today (well, the day of this writing), I ate an entire Fuji apple without the slightest bit of reaction, and I’m so excited I’ve been telling everyone about it like it’s the greatest discovery since King Tut’s tomb!

I ate a sweet Fuji Apple and I didn’t die!! Woo-Hoo!!

So now I’m going to start lining up all those fruits I couldn’t eat (lest I die) like pears (that’s next on the list!), peaches, cherries, plums, and then nectarines…. I want to suck on a fresh summer peach and have the juices running down my chin without holding an EPI pen in the other hand! I want to eat Bing Cherries and shoot the seeds across the back yard without turning blue because I can’t breathe!

And for each and every fruit that I can successfully eat without issues, I promise I will NOT blog about them! Besides, it’d probably be even more boring than this one!

Suffice it to say, I love my acupuncturist. And anyone who has any question about whether it works or not – trust me! It does! Just think: If you had the chance to get rid of those migraines you get, or eat that fruit you weren’t able to, or stop that pain that you’ve had for years, why wouldn’t you do it?