Mercury Retrograde

Well, it’s happening again. Mercury is retrograde this month, starting on the 19th, and going until June 11th. And how do I know this?

People are assholes.

It never fails. For a number of days leading up to the event, then during the event itself, and then for a number of days after, drivers on the road act totally stupid (even more so than normal), the Internet acts up, my movies pause and buffer, people stop answering their phones or jump to really weird conclusions without any real facts. But of course at the time, I’m left scratching my head wondering if they’re smoking something, or if there’s something in the water. When it happens just a little too much, then I know something is up.

When all communication breaks down, that’s when I turn to Google and search for “Mercury Retrograde” to see if it’s happening – and I’ve been right damn-near 100%!

I started noticing it last week – hell, maybe even the week before that – miscommunications, misunderstandings, misguided morons… I was ducking left and right, and quietly pondering in my heart, “What the hell??

Then, driving around the city, more people were darting out in front of me, only to slow down to a crawl; or they’re cutting me off, or honking their horn at me because I’m pulling over into a parking space.


It gets so frustrating, too. No matter how hard you try to communicate clearly to someone, they’re just not getting it. The best thing you can do is work even harder at making yourself understood, practice LOTS of patience (paaaaaaatience…), shrug off the misunderstandings, chalk it up to “Well, maybe they just had a bad day,” and wait it out. It does eventually come to an end, and things go back to normal. Just not right now.

But at least I have fodder for my blog. While witnessing all the douche-baggery of people in public and making good note of it should make for some entertaining reading, no?