New Car

Who doesn’t get hooked on that new car smell? And who doesn’t just suck it in when they crawl into a new car – whether it’s their own or someone else’s. And on the few times I’d actually purchased or leased a new car, I’d downright suck the oxygen right out of the air every time I got in it. It’s intoxicating!

Until it finally fades away… (did I really just suck it all up like a vaccuum?)

We try to take care of our new car to keep it “new” for as long as possible. You know, you buy a new car, and for the first 6 months or so, you’re petrified to drive it, to park it, or to let anyone walk near it for fear that someone is going to ding it or scratch it (or suck all the new car smell out of it…). We’ll even park it an extra mile away from the store’s entrance so there are no other cars around it. That is, until the first ding or scratch happens – THEN we feel like we can release our sphincter and live like a normal person without that panic-laden fear.

So the same thing happened with me and our new car (this last one). About 6 months after buying the car, I nailed it but good at a gas station. You know those steel poles they have on all the corners of the gas pumps? You know they’re there for a reason, right? They work even better when you don’t see them in the way…

Once I got over the shock (and nausea) of the dinged, scratch, wrinkled, and punched side door and panel (and especially after we got it fixed), then I could park that car in the tightest spot without a single drop of stress sweat. And we’ve actually still been enjoying the car over the past 2.5 years (probably the only car in our lives that we’ve still loved driving after the new car smell was sucked out of it).

And then the call came.

Hubby got a call from the dealer where we service the car. They want our car!

At this point, let me pause to say that I know all this is just a sales call – salesmen trying to get customers to roll over into another car, to trade up, and take out another loan. I know this! I really do! But DAY-UM!! THEY WANT OUR CAR!!

Hubby was so excited when it happened, he had to call me immediately to tell me about the phone call.

Hubby: The dealership called me today! They want our car!
Curious Bloke: Really?? What do you mean they want our car?
Hubby: They want our 2012, and then they’ll give us a new 2015 for the same payments we’re making now, OR LESS!
Curious Bloke: Wow! Oh my gosh! We’re so special!
Hubby: I know! Right!? This is the first time a dealer called me because he wanted my car and not for a repossession!

When we finally calmed down from the intoxicating thought of the possibility of the New Car Smell coming back into our lives, and thought about it more reasonably, we figured “what the hell!” If someone wants to give us a new car with the same of everything we have now, for the same price we’re paying now… BRING IT!

Then we’ll bask in the ambiance of New Car Smell for a little while.