NJ Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing
I keep seeing these ridiculous commercials in the Philadelphia tri-state region about standardized testing in the state of New Jersey. Mostly, it’s a bunch of parents and teachers whining and complaining about how standardized testing is the Greatest Evil this world has ever known! At least that’s what I’m getting from them. And if I’m totally off-base in my understanding, I would love for someone to let me know. More


Our Doglettes Are Just Like Kids


Beverly Hills Chihuahua
They go to Doggy Daycare every Monday. Plain and simple. It’s officially “Doggy Daycare” but we call it “School.” And they enjoy it, they really do. We’ve been told that when they arrive, they rule the roost and are totally in charge. Even the big dogs fear them (and the little dogs want to BE them). More

Can’t Stand Ignant Elevator People

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Yeah, that’s right! I spelled “ignorant” I-G-N-A-N-T because they’re so IGNANT they can’t even spell “ignorant!”

That said, how many time have you walked toward an open elevator with someone standing inside (and looking right at you, I might add), while the door shuts in your face right at the last minute? And not only does the door practically slam the tip of your nose off, but the person inside is just standing there – staring at you – and not even pretending to prevent the doors from closing on you? More

The Attempt at Finding Solace Again



I’m finding this blog writing has, of late, become lost in my daily life. Not that it hasn’t been important, but rather that life has been so hectically busy. That said, though I haven’t been publishing on a regular, weekly basis, it is what it is and I will continue to post as I’m able to find time (without brow-beating myself!)

Family vs Like-Family

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Awkward Family
People who come into our lives always leave marks. Some are good, some are bad, but they all affect us in one way or another. And we give all these people in our lives labels. It’s quite natural: This one is a friend, that one is a neighbor, that one is an acquaintance, this one is a co-worker, that one is family, and this one is like-family. It’s these last two that was brought to my attention recently: the Family vs Like-Family. More

Welcome 2015


Happy 2015

Well, I have to admit, I never realized I would be away from blogging for so long. But lookie there! It’s the end of January 2015 already, and all the spectacular holidays have been survived, and the bleakness that’s called winter is here. More

A Letter to Ferguson



Dear Ferguson, Missouri:

I probably shouldn’t be writing something like this, and you don’t even know me, but … well … here it is.

How this issue has exploded beyond all measure is beyond my feeble understanding. Can someone please explain to me how setting fire to your neighbors’ cars and stores, looting from your fellow community members, etc., is the suitable and sane reaction to a Grand Jury decision with which you don’t agree? More

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