Allergies Schmallergies!

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Fuji Apples
[Note: The front row is a splash zone. In reading this, you just might get splashed with all the gushing I’m going to do. You have been warned.]

It never fails to amaze and surprise me when it happens. I go to my acupuncturist to work on an issue, and when it actually goes away like it’s supposed to, I sit dumbfounded at the reality of it. And after 9 years of experience with acupuncture, you’d think I’d be used to it by now! More


You Know What’s Good For That?

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Since 2006, I’ve been preaching about the benefits of acupuncture. And for the last 2 years, Hubby has been joining me in that same song, not only because he’s seen what it did for me, but he’s experienced what it did for him, too. It’s gotten to the point where whenever someone starts to talk to me about a medical issue – whether allergies, or migraines, or stress, or insomnia, etc. – my go-to mantra has become “You know what’s good for that?” It’s followed by the resounding answer, “Acupuncture!” More

Happiness Is…


Happy Life

There are times in our lives when we reach a state of happiness – that state where we look at our lives, and though not perfect, we can at least say we’re happy. I was thinking about this the other day, and started taking stock of what makes a happy life, when Hubby and I came strolling out of the grocery store bumping into each other through the doorway like an old Three Stooges short, then laughing, and one of the employees of said grocery store (as she was entering) said, “You guys are always happy and laughing together!” Our response: Life’s just too short to be taken too seriously.


The Eyes Have It



I apologize for my absence in posting last week, but I was somewhat indisposed. I finally hunkered down and got the LASIK corrective surgery I was always dreaming of having and was focusing more on reading without glasses than writing a post. But then again, I thought to myself, “Self? This will probably make a good post, itself!”

Aaaaaaand here we are!


God Did Not Create Me for Manual Labor


Mowing the Lawn

I’ve always believed that God did not create me for manual labor. I think the realization came to me when I was a teenager and hired after I graduated High School to work in the stock department of a local department store. I was originally hired to stock shelves of beauty supplies in the store, but when that didn’t work out too well, I was transferred to the warehouse itself, marking and pricing merchandise, and sending it out to different store locations. Boy, were they barking up the wrong tree!


I’m Going to Say It Again: Acupuncture

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Acupuncture, as anyone who knows me will attest, has done tremendous things for me and my life. Even Hubby – after seeing the remarkable changes (and dare I say… CURES) that have occurred just in the past few years – has overcome any sort of aversion to “needles” and ran to my acupuncturist for a shot of “feel good” for himself. Even he, now, goes every two weeks with me to get stuck – and he counts the days till his next appointment with me. Anyone who knows Hubby also knows that he has no ailments, no stress (he’s married to me, after all — STOP LAUGHING!), and basically nothing that he needed to be “cured.”  But going for maintenance has really made some other changes for him – even things that he never realized were a problem. In particular, he hasn’t been affected by seasonal allergies this year.


If It Wasn’t for Acupuncture, I’d Be in Prison



I really enjoy acupuncture – so much so, that I look forward to it every 2 weeks. After all, it’s downright cured me of a number of issues including chronic migraines, acid reflux, and most recently, seasonal allergies. But I also continue to go because it helps me deal with those every-day stresses.

But it almost seems to unbalance the stress scales when I drive to my acupuncture treatment. And don’t even get me started when there is a Phillies game, or a concert, or anything that totally mucks up traffic on all roadways within a 25-mile radius! By the time I get to my appointment (and late, I might add) I must look to them like an apoplectic mess, shivering with rage, and ready to bitch-slap anyone who looks at me sideways.


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