Standing Up for What You Believe


Apparently, religion is no longer a very important part of people’s lives. I’ve written before about religion, and how it doesn’t play a major role in people’s lives any longer. I’ve written about changes I’ve seen personally, and changes in general. I’ve written about secularism invading religion. But the chasm grows ever wider, separating those who feel it is important in their lives and those who couldn’t give a lesser crap about religion, provided they’re still getting their paycheck. This mind-set even moreso affects clergy, who (some) get paid a hefty salary, even though they’re not doing the job for which they’re getting paid. More


The Ultimate Mind Alteration

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Old Man PrayingI’d recently come to the conclusion that my prayer life sucked. And as you may know from an earlier posting, I’d recently picked up the Anglican Breviary again and fell head-long into it with relish. (Okay, maybe not the entire breviary, but at least the hours of Lauds and Vespers which is a huge undertaking.) For some reason, this time it felt very different to me. It was comfortable, warm, inviting; like a cool drink in the summer and a warm blanket in the winter. It has a calming effect on me. My mind is at ease, my stress level comes down (if there is any), my head is clearer, and I feel as though I’ve accomplished something.


The Office – it just feels good

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The Divine Office. The breviary. The liturgy of the hours. Whatever you want to call it, it’s there to be used, and in all different forms, from the modern Roman usage to the old Latin forms, to Gregorian Chant. We’ve been told over and over that the Psalms are beautiful prayers, the most perfect prayers that Christ, Himself, used and knew; and what better way to pray the psalms than through the office? I know this. I mean really know this.

So why hadn’t I used it in so many years? More