That New Car Redolence

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New Car

Who doesn’t get hooked on that new car smell? And who doesn’t just suck it in when they crawl into a new car – whether it’s their own or someone else’s. And on the few times I’d actually purchased or leased a new car, I’d downright suck the oxygen right out of the air every time I got in it. It’s intoxicating!

Until it finally fades away… (did I really just suck it all up like a vaccuum?) More


The Car Rental


Small Car

Well, as you can guess from my previous posts, there was a little (*Ahem*) “accident” with the new car. Through a mis-judgment of the spacial vortex that is known as a Getty Mart parking lot, as I rounded the corner of the gas pumps, a metal pole sprang up out of nowhere and attacked the rear passenger door. (Very) Long story short, we had to drop the new car off at the collision center for repairs to the tune of a very expensive fix.