The Government Shutdown, Obamacare, and Tigers, Oh My!


Government Shutdown 2013

[NOTE: This post was written a few days before it went live, so things may have changed a bit by the time it actually posts. So don’t bite my head off if it’s inaccurate now!]

I’m stymied. Now I know any of you who know me find that very hard to believe, but I’m positively stymied over this government shutdown over Obamacare!



The Gay Pot Fiscal Cliff Complication



Well, the elections are finally (FINALLY) over and done – and even Florida’s votes have already been counted! Now we can knuckle down and get to work. We have a president going into his second term to finish (hopefully) the job he started, four states have approved marriage equality by popular vote, two states have legalized recreational marijuana, and by the end of the year all tax breaks will expire and the world will end as we plummet over the fiscal cliff everyone’s been talking about, dragging the world’s economy with us and throwing the entire world into the Dark Ages.


Excuse me, does it stink in here?

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Bad Smell BabyI smell something. Does it stink in here?

Once again, I find myself sitting here wondering just how much more screwed up our Congress can get. Seriously, is this an historic level of stupidity we have reached today? (Well, at least it’s bi-partisan…) It’s not just the Democrats acting like fools; it’s not just the Republicans acting like snot-nosed little brats; it’s not just the Tea Party (though technically not a party, they do have a heavy hand in all this) holding this country hostage over an unfinished budget and a looming deadline. They’re all equally ruining this country, killing our economy, and flushing the rest of the world down the toilet, while fighting like a bunch of school girls from the Bronx who just found out they were all screwing the same guy. And let’s not forget how well they’re all getting paid to do it. More

A [Money] Tree Grows in Washington

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Money Tree

I know I’ve asked this question before, but what the hell is wrong with our Congress? Wait; that was kind of an open question, wasn’t it? Too many places to go with that one. So let me refine that question a wee bit: What the hell is wrong with our Congress that they don’t understand how finances and budgets work? Do they honestly think there are little money trees growing in a money orchard behind the Treasury Building? Do they really think that these trees are planted in successive denominations with the largest number of trees being the $20 bill trees? Really?? More

Congress: Your Paycheck Hard at Work

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Over the years, I’ve worked for a number of professional businesses. Professional businesses that have budgets. Each year, the budgets (or business plans as they are sometimes called) must be created and submitted to the governing board for approval. They have to complete the process every year at the same time, generally no later than during the last quarter of their fiscal year (whenever that is). There is no excuse for not having the process completed by then; and if it is not completed, the business cannot continue to run. It becomes the financial guide for the organization so they know in which direction they’re going. More

Headaches and Other Annoyances

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Is it me, or is this country quickly going to hell in a carpetbag? What’s wrong with the Congressmen we’ve elected? (No, wait! That’s not politically correct. Perhaps “Congressmen and Congresswomen?” No!  Wait! “Congresspeople!!” Right??)


Congress takes vacation while the unemployed are abandoned

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It’s amazing that Congress can just take their week-long July 4 holiday while the unemployed sector of the country is in need of continued assistance. Today, unemployment claims are up, home sales are plunging, and manufacturing growth slows to a crawl. Congress was asked to extend unemployment benefits for another six months, yet they decided to sit on it for a week while they recess for the holiday. Without this extension, the current 1.3 million people who are without jobs and without benefits could climb to 3.3 million by the end of the month.


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