I Believe Facebook May Be A Necessary Evil

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Facebook came on the scene worldwide in 2005 (at least according to Wikipedia). I was late in coming to the table and didn’t start my personal Facebook page until … gosh, I guess it was 2008 when I logged on for the first time! I never had a MySpace account, so I totally skipped that losing phase – so at least there’s that positive note…



5 Ways to Give the Worst Customer Service

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Lousy Tip

I remember when I was a teenager (which was only a few years ago, because I’m only 29… Shut up!!) my oldest brother told me about a trick he used to do when he got poor service at a restaurant. I never knew whether it actually worked or not, because I’d never tried it – until just the other day. (Relax! There were no servers injured in this blog writing.) What he did was to leave a penny under an upside-down full glass of water on the table – leaving the server the only option but to dump an entire glass of water to get the measly penny as a tip. (The secret, if you haven’t figured it out, is to place a dollar bill over the glass, turn the glass upside-down which causes suction and seals the water, place it on the table, then quickly slide the dollar bill out leaving the water and penny under the glass.)

The above photo is my proven experiment.

Now, I know I’ve written about this before; yet it still gets me how companies can continue to give the worst customer service to their customers and still expect them to come back for more. It’s like being the proverbial abused spouse: “I deserved to be hit; I fell down the steps; I walked into the edge of the cabinet face-first.” It’s almost like we can’t stay away from being abused by the people we’re giving money to, and just keep going back for more. More

Standing Up for What You Believe


Apparently, religion is no longer a very important part of people’s lives. I’ve written before about religion, and how it doesn’t play a major role in people’s lives any longer. I’ve written about changes I’ve seen personally, and changes in general. I’ve written about secularism invading religion. But the chasm grows ever wider, separating those who feel it is important in their lives and those who couldn’t give a lesser crap about religion, provided they’re still getting their paycheck. This mind-set even moreso affects clergy, who (some) get paid a hefty salary, even though they’re not doing the job for which they’re getting paid. More

Obama Might Veto DADT

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Don't Ask Don't TellI would like someone – anyone! – to explain to me why bills have to be bundled with a whole lot of crap in congress. Why do these people feel the need to wrap a whole bunch of crap together with something that they think doesn’t smell, just to get their crap through. Do they think the one good thing in the bill will make all that other crap smell better? Why can’t the House and Senate unwrap those bill packages and wipe off all the crap that Representatives and Senators stick in there – you know, make the crap stand on its own to see if it gets signed into law?