Ladies and Gentlemen: Saint Clement has Left the Building

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Saint Clement’s Church Philadelphia, a great hallmark of Anglo-Catholicism and a standard in the fight for continuing traditional worship and ministry to the poor and needy, died last Sunday at the age of 153.

Saint Clement’s died at her center city home in Philadelphia of complications from a disease contracted from a foreign body. She fought this disease for over a year, said a son who was with her during her demise. Many of her children had left during her illness and she had been sick for “quite a while,” he said. “I just couldn’t continue watching her die like that,” said a daughter distraught over having to leave her behind.



Is Christie Out of His Mind?

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On one hand, we have the Governor Chris Christei – the Republican who tells everyone he’s not interested in running for the Presidency (at least not in 2012), is against homosexuality, who openly opposes “gay” marriage, and has just recently vetoed a bill passed by the New Jersey State Senate to legalize this “gay marriage,” opting for a public referendum. (Personally, I don’t like the term “gay marriage” – it’s just marriage; we don’t call it “straight marriage” or “bisexual marriage” for those who can marry today. Why do we need to call it “gay marriage” for the rest of us? But I digress.)


The Pattern and the Weave


Weaving threads

It’s interesting how quickly it can happen. We make a friend, who becomes a great friend (almost like family). The years you know each other are special and leave an indelible imprint on your heart. Even though you lose touch over the years because of so many different reasons – one of you moves; you get a new job; you no longer move in the same circles – you still find yourself thinking of them with great fondness. More

Life and Death

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NewbornI was reminded recently of the two absolutes of life: Birth and Death. In order to have life, there must first be a birth, and then, eventually, a death. Both of these events cause a great disturbance in the lives of those near and dear, and through that disturbance, great changes are effected in the lives of those closest. In just the past month, I’ve heard of the birth of three babies (three separate co-workers of mine all became grandmothers this month), and the death of a dear friend’s uncle, who was more like a father than an uncle. In all these instances, the lives of those people were forever changed – as they should be. As always with me, it got me thinking about it all; these polar opposites of the same thing. More