The Fresh Meat Conundrum

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Bad Beef

I remember a time when street corner grocery stores existed. These were those awesome “mom and pop” places that were run by generations of a family. It was a small store stuffed with items on shelves down two aisles, and it was the place where you would do the majority of your weekly grocery shopping. The one I remember growing up with was just about a block away, and was run by our next-door neighbours: Calmareski’s. We were so close to them, they were like family to us (later, they literally became family when their youngest daughter married my mother’s cousin’s son).

(I’ll wait till you wrap your brain around that…)

But I digress. More


Experiencing Life



You know the scene. You go to a concert and all you can see from your point of view is a sea of smartphones pointed at the stage. Or maybe you’ve gone to the botanical gardens and instead of flowers, you see smartphones focusing on the flowers.

It seems to me that we’ve become so focused on “capturing” the moments, we’ve forgotten how to “experience” them, first. More

Giving Thanks (again)



[I thought this one was worth re-posting – especially since everyone else is so busy with their lives, probably no one will read it anyway! Regardless, I wish you all a very Happy (and peaceful) Thanksgiving. – The Curious Bloke]

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and I will – as will the majority of Americans – be sitting and stuffing my face with Turkey, dressing, appetizers, cranberry sauce, desserts, and more food than anyone could possibly swallow in one sitting (actually, it would most likely be more food than would feed a third-world country for a month). After all, that’s exactly what Thanksgiving Day is all about, right?

It’s also about friends and family – and arguments, and bickering, and throwing things at each other because you haven’t seen each other since last Thanksgiving’s brawl which you lost.