The Fresh Meat Conundrum

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Bad Beef

I remember a time when street corner grocery stores existed. These were those awesome “mom and pop” places that were run by generations of a family. It was a small store stuffed with items on shelves down two aisles, and it was the place where you would do the majority of your weekly grocery shopping. The one I remember growing up with was just about a block away, and was run by our next-door neighbours: Calmareski’s. We were so close to them, they were like family to us (later, they literally became family when their youngest daughter married my mother’s cousin’s son).

(I’ll wait till you wrap your brain around that…)

But I digress. More


Kitchens, Spiders, and Paper Bags

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Paper bags are good. Though you’re less likely to see them these days – they’re somewhat of an anomaly what with the idea of being green, etc. I remember when growing up, every grocery store had stacks of large paper bags at the end of the cashier’s lane where young boys dressed impeccably in starched white would sort out your groceries, placing heavy items on the bottom, and lighter items on top, packed perfectly and never squashing the fresh bread.

Or was that on an episode of “Leave It to Beaver?”