Our Doglettes Are Just Like Kids


Beverly Hills Chihuahua
They go to Doggy Daycare every Monday. Plain and simple. It’s officially “Doggy Daycare” but we call it “School.” And they enjoy it, they really do. We’ve been told that when they arrive, they rule the roost and are totally in charge. Even the big dogs fear them (and the little dogs want to BE them). More


The Problem Is When We Tune Out



We are bombarded from so many different angles, and on so many different levels in our lives, that we quickly lose the capacity to process minute detail. When that happens, whether on purpose or by accident, we begin to tune out. We become desensitized by our experiences, and that’s when it becomes a problem. We no longer recoil in horror at seeing a murder in a movie, because we’ve seen it so many times. There was a time when I would never see an “R” rated movie because of the blood and violence. Yet today, they seem run-of-the-mill. We even look forward to watching our favorite horror movies around Halloween. More

It Sneaks Up On You



There is always a time in our lives when we’re suddenly hit with the realization of something that we never saw coming. It could be anything at all: suddenly realizing that you haven’t been 29 in at least 20 years; suddenly realizing that you’re not a billionaire like you’d planned; or even suddenly realizing that when you stopped shaving, the hair that started growing in again had turned a little more grey than you’d remembered.


Ah, the Life of a Dog Person



Up until about 2 years ago, my hubby was not, in the least, interested in having a dog of any kind. The reason is because when he was a child, he and his mother were chased by a pack of dogs – which would be enough to scare the life out of any child into adulthood, and away from ever having a dog. (I won’t go into detail with any of his numerous stories about dogs as he was growing up and as a teenager, but I will mention that there were nervous twitchings, frozen stares, and some licking done.)