Doppelganger: The Lesson



Doppelganger: Literally, it’s German for “double-goer.” In English it is an apparition or double of a living person. We’ve all seen them, or experienced them at one point or another in our lives. More


Justifiable Judgmentalism

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It’s so easy to judge others, isn’t it? So much so, that it often happens before we even realize it. Someone cuts us off on the road, and we immediately recognize them as an “ass hole” or a “friggin moron!” It’s an unmistakable classification of humanoids, of course, distinguishable by their lack of charity or awareness of any other species in their vicinity. And because we’ve defined them as such by their behaviour, we are justified in our judgment. It’s a “righteous judgment” of sorts, just like anyone who drives faster than us is an idiot, and anyone who drives slower than us is a moron.