I Think I’ve Created a Monster


Sleeping Chihuahuas

Many years ago, when Hubby and I first met, neither one of us had pets. Oh, I’ve had dogs in my childhood. They were always strays. The one we had the longest (and she was the one of the best dogs ever) was Missy. She was still relatively young when she found us – maybe 2 years old – and we had her until she died about 14 years later. But she was the most gentle and loving dog you’d ever meet, part Labrador and part Collie, and you’d only have to fear being licked to death from her. More


The Disconcerting Doglette Dilemma

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It’s funny how these little ones can really work their way into your heart so quickly without you realizing just how deeply they’ve affected you… until something happens. More

Doglette Obedience Training: Graduation



Back in April, as you may recall, we signed up for a Level I Obedience class for the doglettes. After all, we really needed to have them trained so they wouldn’t walk all over us like the saps we are. And I bet you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seats, on pins and needles, wondering just how this all worked out – for crying out loud, HAVE the doglettes been TRAINED or NOT??


The Doglette Housetraining Enigma

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Well, the saga continues. Granted, in doglette training (doglette = little dog) the amount of time we spent on their housetraining is incredibly minimal – we’ve only had them for about 2.5 months. We try not to get entirely frustrated with the process, remembering that it takes time; but some days we pause for a moment, sidle up close to a wall, and bang our heads repeatedly.

Somehow, the whole housetraining thing has eluded us like two doglettes wrapped in an enigma.


Ah, the Life of a Dog Person



Up until about 2 years ago, my hubby was not, in the least, interested in having a dog of any kind. The reason is because when he was a child, he and his mother were chased by a pack of dogs – which would be enough to scare the life out of any child into adulthood, and away from ever having a dog. (I won’t go into detail with any of his numerous stories about dogs as he was growing up and as a teenager, but I will mention that there were nervous twitchings, frozen stares, and some licking done.)