Realities of Which We Cannot See

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Let’s face it. We’ve all come across those types of people who may seem a bit “off” or “flakey” to us. They’re the ones that talk about “surrounding people with pink bubbles of forgiveness” and “sending love and light.” Or, perhaps they talk about the auras they see around you. With breathy voices, they speak of ethereal and intangible things with flowery speech. And you watch with dismay thinking, “This person has got to be totally off her rocker…More


Valentine’s Day


Saint Valentine

I just have to admit: Valentine’s Day (or, as many people call it, “ValenTIMES Day”) has to be one of my least favourite holidays listed on the Hallmark calendar. Quite frankly, it serves absolutely no purpose than to make people miserable who might otherwise not be miserable.

Giving Thanks (again)



[I thought this one was worth re-posting – especially since everyone else is so busy with their lives, probably no one will read it anyway! Regardless, I wish you all a very Happy (and peaceful) Thanksgiving. – The Curious Bloke]

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and I will – as will the majority of Americans – be sitting and stuffing my face with Turkey, dressing, appetizers, cranberry sauce, desserts, and more food than anyone could possibly swallow in one sitting (actually, it would most likely be more food than would feed a third-world country for a month). After all, that’s exactly what Thanksgiving Day is all about, right?

It’s also about friends and family – and arguments, and bickering, and throwing things at each other because you haven’t seen each other since last Thanksgiving’s brawl which you lost.


Happiness Is…


Happy Life

There are times in our lives when we reach a state of happiness – that state where we look at our lives, and though not perfect, we can at least say we’re happy. I was thinking about this the other day, and started taking stock of what makes a happy life, when Hubby and I came strolling out of the grocery store bumping into each other through the doorway like an old Three Stooges short, then laughing, and one of the employees of said grocery store (as she was entering) said, “You guys are always happy and laughing together!” Our response: Life’s just too short to be taken too seriously.