Justifiable Judgmentalism

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It’s so easy to judge others, isn’t it? So much so, that it often happens before we even realize it. Someone cuts us off on the road, and we immediately recognize them as an “ass hole” or a “friggin moron!” It’s an unmistakable classification of humanoids, of course, distinguishable by their lack of charity or awareness of any other species in their vicinity. And because we’ve defined them as such by their behaviour, we are justified in our judgment. It’s a “righteous judgment” of sorts, just like anyone who drives faster than us is an idiot, and anyone who drives slower than us is a moron.


News Flash: The Internet is Public!

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Internet Privacy

I keep seeing these posts here and there – Facebook, Twitter, Blogs – about people declaring their privacy on the Internet. There are “privacy policies” by companies like Facebook and Twitter, Google and Instagram that we have to read and agree to before we use their services (free services, I might add). And the Internet has been wildly popular for quite a number of years, so you’d think people would know things by now. It’s not like the early 1990s on the Today Show when they were asking “What is ‘Internet’?

Then again, maybe it still is!  More