Society’s Obsession with Sex

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Freud with cigarWhat is it with the American media’s obsession with sex? They see sex in everything (very Freudian; but even Freud said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”). Weiner, Clinton, Tiger, push-up bikini bras for pre-teens, and babykinis (bikinis for babies as young as 3 months old)… Just what is media’s fascination with turning everything into a sexual scandal and a sexual condemnation? And why is it so important to prove everything as being perverted and debased (as if they were the only morally idealistic group around)? The media seems to be very quick to point the fingers at others, accusing them of pointing fingers at others! More


Porn Laws Don’t Make Sense

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Porn! It's cheaper than dating!Recently, a colleague of mine told me her son was turning 18. And he announced to her that when he turned 18, he was going to do everything that he wasn’t able to do until he turned 18. One of which item he mentioned was buying a pack of cigarettes. He really didn’t have an urge to smoke them, he just wanted to buy them because he was able to do so when he turned 18.

It got me thinking about when I turned 18. One of the first things I wanted to do with my friends was going to a porn movie. At that time, when I was 18,  you couldn’t be admitted to an adult movie until you were 18. So a bunch of us who were graduating high school together decided to go see our first porn movie in a theater for the first time. I still remember that day. All 6 of us bought our tickets, then went to walk into the dark theater where the movie had already started (I don’t even remember the name of the movie), and as we stood by the door, all grouped together, we swung the door open to see a theatrical version of an excited male genitalia fully engorged across the silver screen. The only girl amongst us immediately exclaimed, “Oh my GOD!”


Nude beaches and Puritanism

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There’s a very good reason why there are almost no nude beaches left around here. The human body is an evil thing. It should remain covered from head to toe at all times, and any time any part of the body is showing in public it is disgusting and makes God punish mankind with sickness and disaster. Nudity is the reason for all man’s suffering.

Sounds pretty ridiculous, huh? Yet that’s the attitude we see all the time in the US on television, on the radio, in the streets, at the pool, and on the beach. People are so uptight about nudity and our God-given bodies. It’s absurd. I could never really understand it. We live in a country that prides itself in being “on the cutting edge” and “at the forefront.” It’s a melting pot where people have moved from all over the world to come together and unite as one. Yet one set of people who came to these lands so long ago set the stage for the creation of a country steeped in moral intransigence. The Pilgrims came to these shores to More