Mercury Retrograde II

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Mercury Retrograde

Well, it’s happening again. Mercury is retrograde this month, starting on the 19th, and going until June 11th. And how do I know this?

People are assholes. More


How to Play Well With Others

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I remember way back when I was a wee child in grade school. I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could be like the older kids who were all grown up and responsible, and didn’t have to worry about all those childish things. The big adult kids I was talking about were those that were in Junior High School (nowadays they’re called Middle School). Funny thing was, when I got to Junior High School, nothing changed. So I looked ahead and couldn’t wait to get into High School where all the kids there were adults and did adult things, and didn’t fight and carry on like children. So you won’t be surprised to learn that when I made it to High School, it was the same. So continuing the charade, I couldn’t wait to graduate high school and get out into the world. Certainly there is where all the adults were. Business men and business women who knew how to conduct their affairs with proper attitudes, and would never call anyone names like “big, fat, fucking bitch,” “fat ass,” and the like.

Are you surprised that I never found it?