It Sneaks Up On You



There is always a time in our lives when we’re suddenly hit with the realization of something that we never saw coming. It could be anything at all: suddenly realizing that you haven’t been 29 in at least 20 years; suddenly realizing that you’re not a billionaire like you’d planned; or even suddenly realizing that when you stopped shaving, the hair that started growing in again had turned a little more grey than you’d remembered.



Doglette Obedience Training: Graduation



Back in April, as you may recall, we signed up for a Level I Obedience class for the doglettes. After all, we really needed to have them trained so they wouldn’t walk all over us like the saps we are. And I bet you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seats, on pins and needles, wondering just how this all worked out – for crying out loud, HAVE the doglettes been TRAINED or NOT??


Level I Obedience

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By the time this post goes live, we will have made it to the half-way mark of Level I Obedience classes with the doglettes. Yes, believe it or not, we’re trying to teach them something about obedience; but in all reality, I think the classes are more to train us than to train them. It’s a sneaky way to train us to give them as many treats as we can in an hour’s time or less. And let me tell ya: Hubby’s doing a wonderful job!

“Aww, look at that face! So cute! Here’s a treat!”


Random Thoughts (III)

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The Thinker

I occasionally have these random thoughts. Rather than letting them die a lonely death, I decided to write them down until I had enough of them to post here. These are the ideas that I thought, “Gee, I should post a blog about that,” but then realize it’s either too stupid or short (or both) to create an entire blog posting for, so I save them in Evernote (I love that app!) until I have enough of them saved to torture you with them. So, as you read, you may be thinking, “Perhaps some of them should have died that lonely death….

This is my third installment of “Random Thoughts.” So enjoy… or not.


Housetraining 101


Our journey into the housetraining realm of dog-ownership has been … well … challenging. And I think what makes it the most challenging is that we got a very late start on the process. Had we gotten them much earlier than the 9 months old they were – if we would have gotten them when they were mere puppies – I believe we would have had an easier time of it. Though, in all truth and honesty, I think Panda trained herself from the moment she was conceived. I don’t believe she’s ever left us any little gifts to find (and clean) except for the one time (which may have¬†been¬†truly an accident).