Today’s Clergy: An Observation

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Yup, this post is going to be one of those religious ones, and in the wake of the Pope’s recent (last week) encyclical, it was just a thought I reckoned I had to share (Don’t I always?). More


Ascension of Jesus

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Now, I’m not perfect. I’ll be the first one to say it. But at the very least I know not to say things that are contrary to what I do (and things people can clearly see I’m doing).

I’ve recently been made aware of a post on the blogosphere on the topic of the Ascension. Sadly, the author of that blog clearly missed the irony of his own words. [Note: I’m offering the link to his blog here, but I’ve also saved it as a PDF here in case the posting later disappears (as has happened with another controversial posting of his). I’m also blogging about it here to voice my disagreement, as any kind of comments I’ve attempted on his blog in the past have been rejected or deleted; so I don’t even attempt that any longer.] More