Today’s Clergy: An Observation

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Yup, this post is going to be one of those religious ones, and in the wake of the Pope’s recent (last week) encyclical, it was just a thought I reckoned I had to share (Don’t I always?). More


My Thoughts on Francis


Pope Francis

There’s been a lot of speculation about the new Pope ever since he was elected, about what kind of a Pope he’ll turn out to be, and what his Papacy means for the Roman Catholic Church (and for the world-wide Christian faith at-large, for that matter). Friends have asked me what I thought of him, some other friends just out-right tell me what they think of him, and still others have posted their most inner thoughts about him online (some pro and many con). There have even been written arguments between friends on Facebook, through blog comments, on Twitter, and many places on the internet. So I thought I would just keep my thoughts quiet on the subject until he’s had some time to fully develop into the Pope he will be.


Resignation of Benedict XVI

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Benedict Resignation

I never thought I’d see the day when the Pope would resign. Then again, I’m sure lots of other people never expected to see something like it either, considering the last time it was done was nearly 600 years ago when there was a plethora of Popes, necessitating one of them to be big enough to step down to strengthen the church.

At this news, I was hearing from people who were positively going through a melt-down with shock and fear: “Oh my Gawd! What’s going to happen now?”