The Problem with Religion


Traditional Latin Mass

This is a subject that hits close to home for me, and it was made even more evident last weekend and over this past week: The simple fact that religion – or, more specifically, worship – which (at least to me) should be something profoundly unchanging, continues to morph into something totally unknown and unreligious. And it’s all become somewhat of a problem.

I know that sounds really confusing, so let me try to explain this a little more.



The Downfall of Today’s Churches


It’s hard to look at faith today and say it’s a strong and solvent business. So many parishes and congregations have seen their numbers decline over the past couple years; and those who have continued steadfastly at their churches have noticed the percentage of giving has decreased over the years as well. Churches note in their newsletters and from their pulpits and in their service sheets that pledges are waning, they’re downright withering. People have concluded the inevitable demise of the churches and they’re financial problems all stem from the fall of the economy. Sadly, the decline started much earlier than that. More

Benedict’s Apology Is Missing Something

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Pope Benedict XVIOn Friday, 11 June, Pope Benedict XVI made his apology to the Church from S Peter’s Square on the sex abuse going on within the Roman Catholic Church. This is a very sticky situation. According to the account, he apologized and begged forgiveness of the crimes set against the children, and the church would do “everything possible” to prevent priests from abusing children. Applause, applause, applause.

That’s it? That’s all there is? Just an apology, just an “I’m so sorry, please forgive me?” More