Wait Until Thanksgiving!


Christmas Music

For the past month, I’ve continued to be bombarded with this wild fancy to start playing my Christmas music and playlists; and quite frankly, it scares me. I’d never really gave it much thought in past years; and the urge rarely came up until the start of the Advent Season. As a child, Mom would always take a couple days off to do her Christmas preparations – full-scale cleaning, decorating, cookie mixing and baking (at least 12 different kinds every year!) – all of which was done with a stack of Christmas LPs on the record player blaring through the house. More


The Government Shutdown, Obamacare, and Tigers, Oh My!


Government Shutdown 2013

[NOTE: This post was written a few days before it went live, so things may have changed a bit by the time it actually posts. So don’t bite my head off if it’s inaccurate now!]

I’m stymied. Now I know any of you who know me find that very hard to believe, but I’m positively stymied over this government shutdown over Obamacare!


Dear US Postal Service

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Dear US Postal Service,

In my line of business, I receive, open, and date-stamp a lot of postal mail every day. It’s not uncommon for me to go through 3 and 4 deliveries a day pounding away with that incessant date stamper on everything that comes in. However, recently I started seeing (quite regularly, I might add) … um … let’s call them “mistakes” that you’ve been making. These “mistakes” generally end up looking like they’ve been eaten by the dog, or used to prop open a garage door.


5 Ways to Give the Worst Customer Service

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Lousy Tip

I remember when I was a teenager (which was only a few years ago, because I’m only 29… Shut up!!) my oldest brother told me about a trick he used to do when he got poor service at a restaurant. I never knew whether it actually worked or not, because I’d never tried it – until just the other day. (Relax! There were no servers injured in this blog writing.) What he did was to leave a penny under an upside-down full glass of water on the table – leaving the server the only option but to dump an entire glass of water to get the measly penny as a tip. (The secret, if you haven’t figured it out, is to place a dollar bill over the glass, turn the glass upside-down which causes suction and seals the water, place it on the table, then quickly slide the dollar bill out leaving the water and penny under the glass.)

The above photo is my proven experiment.

Now, I know I’ve written about this before; yet it still gets me how companies can continue to give the worst customer service to their customers and still expect them to come back for more. It’s like being the proverbial abused spouse: “I deserved to be hit; I fell down the steps; I walked into the edge of the cabinet face-first.” It’s almost like we can’t stay away from being abused by the people we’re giving money to, and just keep going back for more. More

Standing Up for What You Believe


Apparently, religion is no longer a very important part of people’s lives. I’ve written before about religion, and how it doesn’t play a major role in people’s lives any longer. I’ve written about changes I’ve seen personally, and changes in general. I’ve written about secularism invading religion. But the chasm grows ever wider, separating those who feel it is important in their lives and those who couldn’t give a lesser crap about religion, provided they’re still getting their paycheck. This mind-set even moreso affects clergy, who (some) get paid a hefty salary, even though they’re not doing the job for which they’re getting paid. More

Corpus Christi for the Secular Life

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The Feast of Corpus Christi is now upon us, and I reflect on what this feast means to me in all its spiritual fullness as I do every time the feast comes. It’s an important day (week, actually; as we celebrate it for eight days) because it calls to remembrance the Body and Blood of Christ, and His actions on Maundy Thursday at the Last Supper when He turned bread into His Flesh and wine into His Blood. It’s a Divine Mystery that cannot be fully understood with our feeble human minds (as are most Holy Mysteries), even though it is something that can be experienced by us. It’s the Sacrament that He gave us, to feed us in our life “in exile.”  More

Nobody believes in that anymore!

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Corpus Christi

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi – a major feast of the Church werein we celebrate the Eucharist, given to us by Christ, Himself, in the Upper Room the night before He died. Since we cannot offer the excellent pageantry due this glorious Mystery on Maundy Thursday because of the solemnity of the Triduum and the drama of the impending Good Friday and the Passion of Our Lord, this Feast Day was set up so that we can, with everything at our disposal and within reach, can celebrate as is due. Of course, in this day and age, churches no longer celebrate Corpus Christi on it’s actual day. Rather, they push it off until the Sunday after – to make it easier for the people to attend. More