Binge and Purge

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I know I’ve written about this once before, but its come up again and I felt the need to write more on it. You know me… I’m so transparent. If it pops into my head, it falls out of my mouth. There’s very little filter. My grade-school teachers used to tell me I had diarrhea of the mouth because I kept on talking all the time, even when it was inappropriate to be talking when I was talking… More




Who even watches live programming anymore (outside of morning news, that is)? And doesn’t it really say something when even the networks start producing original shows in their entirety only to release the complete series at one time? More

Technology: The Bane of Our Existence



We all remember the times of our childhood when life was much more simple. My parents and their generation would argue that we lived in a more technologically savvy time compared to theirs, and I would not say that is untrue; but I can only write about my own experiences. It is, after all, MY blog.

But I digress.