Despite What You Know, It’s Always Perception That Matters



I’m sure we’ve all come across this at some point in our lives. We know the truth of what happened – whether it was something we did (ourselves), or something that someone else did. We experienced it ourselves, and with our own eyes. Yet somehow, someone else may have perceived it another way.



Corpus Christi for the Secular Life

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The Feast of Corpus Christi is now upon us, and I reflect on what this feast means to me in all its spiritual fullness as I do every time the feast comes. It’s an important day (week, actually; as we celebrate it for eight days) because it calls to remembrance the Body and Blood of Christ, and His actions on Maundy Thursday at the Last Supper when He turned bread into His Flesh and wine into His Blood. It’s a Divine Mystery that cannot be fully understood with our feeble human minds (as are most Holy Mysteries), even though it is something that can be experienced by us. It’s the Sacrament that He gave us, to feed us in our life “in exile.”  More



S. Clement’s Church, Philadelphia, which has long been called the hallmark of Anglo-Catholicism, has seen drastic changes lately in her life and worship. Unfortunately, it’s not an accidental or metamorphic change that’s been happening slowly over time, but rather, what appears to be a very strong-headed few who were never happy with the Anglo-Catholic traditions practiced at S. Clement’s and desired to change them from their first days stepping foot in the church rather than attending another parish that already offered what they were looking for. More