Sponge worthy

Remember the old Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s favorite contraceptive sponge was being discontinued? She panicked and bought up every single one she could find in New York City to last her as long as possible. Then, every guy she would meet or go on a date with, she would have to decide whether they were “sponge-worthy” or not.

I’ve been feeling quite the same way in writing this blog – I now find myself looking at every experience in my life, studying it closely, and asking myself, “What the hell is this shit??” “Is this blogworthy?” More


Communication Woes


Fountain Pen

You’d think in this day and age that we wouldn’t have problems communicating with one another. Yet between email, telephones, video phones, text messages, blogs, vlogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, we seem to communicate less and less with each other. Or, if not less, at least less efficiently. More

The Information Inundation


Information Inundation

It seems that we are constantly bombarded by information from all angles ever more so today than in the past. I still remember a time when, if you had a question about anything, you had to do your research at the library. Even simply asking someone wasn’t an option when my teachers would always tell me, “Look it up.” Now, however, if any question comes to mind, we simply whip out our phones and start surfing Google.

News Flash: The Internet is Public!

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Internet Privacy

I keep seeing these posts here and there – Facebook, Twitter, Blogs – about people declaring their privacy on the Internet. There are “privacy policies” by companies like Facebook and Twitter, Google and Instagram that we have to read and agree to before we use their services (free services, I might add). And the Internet has been wildly popular for quite a number of years, so you’d think people would know things by now. It’s not like the early 1990s on the Today Show when they were asking “What is ‘Internet’?

Then again, maybe it still is!  More