Mercury Retrograde II

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Mercury Retrograde

Well, it’s happening again. Mercury is retrograde this month, starting on the 19th, and going until June 11th. And how do I know this?

People are assholes. More


Today’s Youth: WTF?

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I’m really curious what’s gotten into today’s youth. No, this is not one of those rhetorical statements; I honestly want to know. Two major issues have come out in the news, lately: Namely, the Steubenville, OH, rape of a 16-year-old girl by two football players at a party; and the Philadelphia area father and son arrested after having a drinking/drug party with 19 underage kids.

Well, quite frankly, I’d like to know what got into that father to host a party like that; but I also want to know what’s gotten into today’s youth…


A Day in the Life

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The days of this week were outrageously surreal. So many people I saw in public seemed to be off their rockers! Throughout each and every day, there was at least one time (usually multiple times a day) when I would at least mutter to myself, “WTF? Are ya kiddin me?” More