For the first 2+ years of it’s existence, I’d never really outlined exactly what this blog was about anywhere (outside of my tagline “My thoughts on things.” I mean really… duh…). Perhaps I never wanted to nail my feet to the floor with a specific topic or theme – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If nothing more, it gave me the freedom to write whatever I wanted, even if it is only rambling on about navel lint.

I originally started this blog when I was laid off from a previous position. It was truly an answer to prayers – I hated that place. It was toxic, and it took its toll on my health, both physically and mentally. I’d been looking to leave for at least a year (actively looking for a year, that is; inactively for more like 3 years), so when they finally laid me off, my initial knee-jerk reaction was to punch them in the face. Thankfully, I didn’t follow through with that one, but with my secondary reaction: giddy happiness that I was finally freeee… Freeee…. FREEEEEEE!!!!

Thus, this blog was born. Couldn’t sit at home the entire time eating bon-bons and watching General Hospital, now could I? (Besides, I tried that, but my partner wasn’t pleased with that idea and kept telling me what I needed to clean each day). However, one can only clean the kitchen and bathrooms so many times, and Lord knows I have so many thoughts running through my brain I figured I’d try my hand at writing them down and sharing them with the unsuspecting public (yeah, that would be you). So basically, this blog is about nothing; yet its about everything. It’s more of a mental-dump of my thoughts on just about any subject; but then again, isn’t that primarily what every blog is? I write about everything from religion and spirituality (the things that make me go “Hmmmm.”), to politics (the things that make me go “Are you friggin’ kidding me???“), to society (things that make me go “Wait. What?“). In reality, this entire blog is about me – because the more I post, and the more you read, the more you’ll get a peek into my psyche (which I’m sure for some people will be a very scary thing).

As for the title of the blog, it’s Latin – from the Nicene Creed: “Qui cum Patre et Fílio simul adorátur et conglorificátur” (“Who with the Father and the Son together is worshiped and glorified.”) It refers to the Holy Ghost. In the case of this blog, it is a reflection of the Spirit that is in all things – that same Spirit that is worshiped and glorified – as seen in all things, not just those things religious and spiritual; but also flowing through the politics we see and experience, and in the every-day, mundane existence of our every-day lives (like that woman who hocked a loogie out her car window). Yes, sometimes a post will not seem very Christian on the outside, but it is written with it in mind.

As for the “Who are you?” and “Where do you live?” questions, we’ll just leave it that I’m a Curious Bloke in the Philadelphia/Wilmington areas of the Mid-Atlantic region. Anything more than that wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway, would it?

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to offer, and I hope to hear from you, too!

Curious Bloke


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